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Building a City

This week I’m going for something a bit different. Instead of the more narrative focused World Building Wednesday’s that I’ve been doing so far, this is a bit more instructional. If you’ve been reading for the narrative, this probably won’t do much for you. For this week, I’m going to outline how I, at this point in time, go about building a City.

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D&D Beyond - A New Way To Play

When I first heard about the upcoming D&D Beyond platform on reddit, I was really excited for it to come out. Finally, there was going to be an official, legitimate, way for players and dungeon masters to get digital copies of their books. I know there have been other ways to get the D&D content in digital form, either via Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds, which I learned about from Dungeons and Randomness. Since we play in person, I wasn’t very excited about investing into a virtual tabletop just to gain digital access to the rules.

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