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We’ve Been At This For A Year!

So thanks to a little Twitter notification telling me the Adventures in Erylia Twitter account is 1 year old, I realized we’ve been doing this for a year now! We don’t have any big anniversary plans right now, because I tend to consider our relaunch the new anniversary for the show. However, I was still pretty excited to see that we’ve actually been doing this for a full year now. To us, we’re just some friends who get together once or twice a month to play dungeons and dragons with some microphones in front of us.

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I Need To Rant – Upcoming Changes to Patreon

This post is not the norm here, but as a creator and a supporter on Patreon, I feel pretty strongly about this. This week, Patreon announced an upcoming change that I feel is the end of it’s use for a small creator like me. This change is set to go live on the 18th, and if they don’t chose to revert it by then, I will be looking at other options for supporting the show.

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The Evolution of Episode 5's Music

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, you may have seen me post this on the 28th:

Working on the post production for Monday’s episode. Trying something a bit different. Liking how its sounding right now. #PodernFamily

At the time, I was excitedly adding in the music for episode 5. So far, I have worked music in pretty sparingly, usually only having a song every 10 minutes, or when there is a scene change. While working on this episode, I decided I wanted to add in more. This was for a few reasons. The biggest one being that I had been looking for more artists to add to the shows catalog. I also wanted it to feel more intentional and less thrown in at random. Since, honestly, if it wasn’t a scene change, where I added music was pretty random. My mood and tone on this changed while doing this for the first section of combat.

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