Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Hello Adventurers.

I’m sure by this point, you’ve noticed a distinct lack of the Adventures in Erylia in your ears for the last month. Things have been a little crazy around here and I’m trying to get them on track while balancing out the other things going on in my life. Editing has been rough. December was a big time with family things and work getting pretty busy before the end of the year. We recorded a one shot that was supposed to come out at the end of December for the holidays. I thought it was something we would record and I could get the edit for it done in a night since it is not as serious as a main episode and I am not planning to do as much sound design work on it. But here I am, a month later, with still 3 hours of raw audio to get through.

Things never really slowed down after the new year like I was expecting. We’ve still had family events to attend. Caitlin and I attended PodCon in Seattle, our first convention last weekend. I’ve had multiple weekends where I have had to switch from my normal night shift sleep schedule to day shift which has left me a wreck by the end of the day or weekend, lowering my drive and focus to sit down and work on audio. Our patrons did get a bit of an early preview for our next arc for people who missed the live stream, and I am looking forward to getting that going again. I’m going to get back to editing now, but I didn’t want to just be completely radio silent while things have been less than ideal. I may take a month off from posting episodes in February just to focus on getting a good flow back. If you wanna chat, about the show or otherwise, come hit us up in our discord.

~ Damian