A Change In Format

When I originally set out with the weekly world building wednesdays, I had good intentions of using it to keep me working on world building. For a few reasons, I am coming to terms with needing to make a change in regards to that. It may have been noticed the last couple weeks I have missed the post, and I have been late on posts in the past too. The recent ones I have been missed have been a result of me actually being a part time student as part of my work apprenticeship and the class I am in has needed more attention to it lately than previously. Aside from this, there has never really been a good and consistent format when it came to these posts. Some of them were huge narrative pieces, some were small pieces about a specific item. Both are important, but not coming up with a good format made each week kind of a scramble to figure out how I wanted to get something out there.

I do not have any intentions to stop world building however. I may continue to do the larger world building posts that I have done previously on a rarer occasion, but I want to put more focus onto getting bits of things written down that don't warrant a full blog post as well. If you are really curious about the work I am doing on Erylia, I strongly suggest following it on World Anvil. I've mentioned World Anvil many times recently because I truly do love the service. One huge thing is it is helping me with getting things organized and leaves me areas that I can go back and fill in as I am ready. There are even some things that have been added on World Anvil that can be teasers for things that haven't come up anywhere else. Just today, I added a new category for another continent, Ail Saheyd.

As sad as I am to be letting this go in the form it has been previously, I need to have my main focus elsewhere, namely my apprenticeship through work, the actual podcast, and my home life.