The Daghdha

11/8/2017 Update

I was not happy with this in the end and have decided to rework the information given in this post. I will be leaving this up as I feel it is an important step in my world building journey.

The Daghdha – King of Caelistra

Much like the god he is based off of, The Daghdha is the king of the Erylian gods. He rules over their realm, Caelistra, a plane separate from the realm of Erylia. Legend tells of him being a man larger than any other while walking in the mortal realm. The Goliath believe he was one of them, making him the most highly revered of all of the gods. As king of the gods, he is still highly worshiped by the other races, the Goliath are just the most consistently devout.

He is an older man, usually seen with a long, grey, tangled beard and a bald head. Those who have seen him describe The Daghdha in a large, hooded, fur cloak and carrying a curious black and white staff. The two halves of this staff are known as Ebonheart and Ivorsoul. It is said to have had the power to kill a man with a single swing, and bring him back on the return.

The area of Caelistra that he resides is a lush forest that seems to go on forever. The Daghdha rules from a throne carved into the base of a millennia old oak tree. It is in this realm that worshipers of The Daghdha will find themselves while seeking a divine audience with him. Though it is thought merely as a joke to him, occasionally someone leaving will find themselves lost. Usually, this is the result of a particularly powerful favor. They will wander back the way they came for hours, before returning back to The Daghdha’s throne. However, to this day, no one has entered his wood without returning.

If you’d like to learn more about the historical god that this is based on, here is the Wikipedia page for him.