I’ve been wanting to get to this post for a long time. Ever since the plot line of the Mieveht Story had its course set. With this week’s episode, An Emotional Encounter, I can finally post about the Nailo Family and their history without it skewing the story. I’m also doing something for the first time this Wednesday. Cassien’s history will be told through a narrative story instead of the more technical tone these posts have taken so far.


Ny’Vae’Rehl – Home of the Drow

Ny’Vae’Rehl is a large underground city and the underdark home of the Drow on Syvahl. The city itself is deep under Mieveht. While Mieveht sits atop a mile high cliff overlooking the ocean, traveling in the right direction from Ny’Vae’Rehl will take you to its waters.

Ny’Vae’Rehl doesn’t fit the traditional mould for a city. The city takes up an absolutely massive area, mostly taking advantage of naturally formed caverns. It isn’t uncommon for a single family to be the sole inhabitants of a cavern while still being considered part of the city. A few of the larger caverns were chosen to be the city “center”. These were caverns that were already of decent size and in close proximity to one another. The Drow employed some Dueregar to shape these caverns into the base infrastructure for the city. These caverns are home to the council building, a central market, and housing for the council members and their families.

The Council and The Night Maiden

This city is lead by an elected council of seven. Six members of the council are elected by the denizens of Ny’Vae’Rehl, three males and three females. The council members are elected in a cycle, alternating between male and female, with a new election every 5 years. This means that once someone has been elected onto the council, they will serve for 30 years naturally. The council of six is overseen by the seventh member, the Night Maiden.

The woman who holds the position of Night Maiden does not serve a timed term like the rest of the council does. Once chosen, the Night Maiden serves until death. She is considered to be the ruling authority in Ny’Vae’Rehl, being the last to vote and break ties if need be. She has the power to overrule the council if she believes they have voted in error, but this is a power seldom invoked. When the Night Maiden dies, the council elects one of it’s female members to become the new Night Maiden. Her spot is then filled with a vote from the people, though the replacement councilwoman will only serve the remaining term. .

It is seen as selfish and arrogant for a councilwoman to vote for herself as the new Night Maiden. As a result, a tie is unlikely, though still possible with each man and woman thinking a different woman is worthy of the position. In the first event of a tie, a second vote is called. If the second vote results in a tie, those who wish to take the position are chosen through combat. The stronger woman becomes the new Night Maiden, leader of Ny’Vae’Rehl.