Not Happy With Last Week

This week isn’t going to be what you expected. For a few reasons. The first, is some hectic scheduling due to work responsibilities. I’m currently typing this on my phone and haven’t had time to get something written between editing next week’s episode and an increased workload leading into the holidays. The second, and truthfully why I didn’t take a break from editing to work on this week’s world building Wednesday, is I’m not happy with how it turned out.

The original intent of these posts was to not only get me to flesh out parts of my world that needed it, and highlight areas that I’m lacking in, but also to show the viewers my thought process as it happens. I feel like I accomplished this in the one about death pretty well. You got to see the spell I originally had, and you got to see what u updated it to. And most of the lore and text there, was written as I was working on the spell and writing that post. I had vague ideas but nothing was written aside from the v1 of that spell. The world building there is you seeing what happened when I sat down and wrote what was in my head.

So where do I think I went wrong? I narrowed in on something and tried to get to granular before building more broadly. I made the mistake of focusing in on one God without giving an overview of all of the gods. The list of the gods and their domains doesn’t really tell you anything about them, and I’ll admit, that’s as far as I had thought about the gods individually. It was apparent that I had a mistake when I started working on the next God, Arawn. As I was working on lore for him, I realized he was a way better fit for my concepts of Ebonheart and Ivorsoul. Once I realized that I realized I couldn’t focus in on one God at a time. I need some information about all of them before I can create stories and myths about any one of them.

I also wasn’t happy with my delivery. If you’ve been reading these, or any of the other long form writing on this site, you may have reached a very true conclusion about me. I’m not a writer. In fact, English class was one of my worst subjects in high school. I’m hoping that doing things like these will help me become a better writer over time. But I was kind of at odds with myself over the writing style of the post about The Daghdha. Was I telling a story? Was I providing information? Was I giving myth and legend? Was I confirming The Daghdha as an actual being? I feel like I did all four of these, and the post wasn’t long enough to be going so many different directions.

So, to actually give some relevant world info in this world building Wednesday, I’ll clarify some things. The gods are real beings. They live in the plane of Caelistra. Not everyone believes in the gods, and they aren’t known to walk among mortals often enough to shut down any doubt.

What am I going to change? I’ve already started on the rewrite for introducing the gods. I started with giving myself a format to follow for each God so that I can get enough about them written out to hopefully not contradict themselves. Roughly, the outline is their name, domains, race, alignment, location in Caelistra, their weapon, and a brief description that kind of establishes a look and personality for them. I’ve written The Daghdha, Arawn, Belenus, and part of Brigantia. The goal is to have all of them done in the same format for next week. The following week will be some description and lore for Caelistra which I am working on while writing the gods descriptions. After that, I will be moving away from the gods for a while, most likely to return to building Mieveht.

Last weeks post will not be taken down, I will just make an edit to the top that it has been disregarded. If you’re here for the world building journey, I’d like to think writing something, deciding you’re not happy with it, and scrapping it, is an important process. I’d like you to see me grow as a world builder through events like this.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to what I’m bringing to you next week!