The Week of Excuses

I feel like this week really has become an week of making excuses. It’s early Wednesday now, and the episode that was supposed to come out on Monday still isn’t finished. If you missed that and are curious about it, I wrote about it on Monday, you can read it here. Really, I should have seen this coming. I’m behind on the episode, which means I’m behind on the week, which means now that World Building Wednesday is here, I am behind on that. If you’re interested in depth on the excuses for it all, read Monday’s post.

Anyways, I sat down this morning, hoping I could quickly churn out this week’s post. I had the topic in mind, I even had the opening already written. However, I seem to do this thing, and considering my goals with these weekly blog posts, I think it’s a good thing. I sit down to type, and words just start flowing. I tell myself almost every week, “This week’s will be shorter. You’re not going into detail yet…” But either I do go into detail, on something I didn’t even plan, like last week. Or, I have so many things I want to touch on briefly, that it goes on forever.

For what was supposed to be this week’s post, I’m currently sitting at 1200 words, and am only about half done with it. What I’m working on is basically a brief overview of the entire continent of Syvahl. Essentially, I am going over each region and giving the dominant population and the regions purpose in the world. My hope, is that something so large in scope will be a point to spawn questions about the world of Erylia so I can focus some world building Wednesdays on things readers want to know about. If you have any world building questions or topics you want me to discus, please, send me an email at and include something like World Building Wednesday in the header. You can ask about Erylia, or if you have a general world building question or topic, I will add it to my list of things to cover and give my amateur thoughts on the matter.

Oh, and when I get to the calendar building portion, “The Week of Excuses” is totally going to be a thing now.

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